Hanjinbai No.9 Hot Spring International Hotel Massage (Beijing)

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    Address: No.9 Shengshi Longyuan, Sihui Bridge
    DBA in local language: 瀚金佰九号温泉国际酒店
    Open Hours: 24 hours
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash
    About Me:
    Hanjinbai No.9 Hot Spring International Hotel is located in the Sihui Bridge area in Chaoyang District. (view the map). It has luxury decoration and clean environment. It provides massage services including oil massage, foot massage and full body massage etc. Special service is not available. Buffet is for free. Oil massage is 499 RMB<br /> <br /> PS: The info was collected in 2013, not sure if it offers massage with extras now.
    Called the manager ahead and ordered one room. After the ordinary massage, I got the HE. damage is 1000 RMB. Good place for business negotiation but not recommend to go there alone as the price is not cheap.