KOBE Sauna (Hong Kong)

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    Address: Shop 301, B3, Regal Meridien Hotel, 71 Mody Road, TST, Kln
    DBA in local language: 紫荊泉芬蘭浴
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    Kobe Sauna is a luxury place with many beautiful girls. It looks very upscale, and like a nice spa. You can enjoy a great service there. Two men will help you undress. Take your jeans, your socks, your underwear, and shirt and hang it all neatly in a closet for you. You will end up in a robe and be show into a shower. After shower, they dry your feet, give you new dry slippers and put some black silk boxers on you. If you only want to enjoy the massage, you can ask Dior and Annie.They can give you the real massage. If you want the others, you can call the girl Fish and LuLu. They are coming form Northern China and quite beautiful. The massage plus hand job will be around 1040. But if you want full service 90 min, the price is 1770hk dollars.
    I visited Kobe Sauna yesterday (4/10/2016).  My trip and time there was a learning experience. First, I tried to find the "Regal Merrdian Hotel" (as the listing at the top of this page says) and ended up at 2 false starts. I finally got to the Regal Kowloon (as the 2010 reviewer noted).  LESSON: ALWAYS bring something with the Chinese of your destination printed out for the taxi drivers.

    I paid HK$2008 for 90-minute FS and expected something similar to rated below: 90 minutes of sex punctuated by as much or as little massage as I wanted.  But there were mixed results due to my first time at a happy ending sauna/massage in HK.

    I should say that this place is very elegant. In the TV waiting room (which has nice home theater chairs) there are multiple staff in nice uniforms waiting to get you ice water, do a pedicure or manicure, etc.

    The manager Michael speaks pretty good English and is very driven to ensure the customers have a great experience. I'm hoping I can straighten out the above if I can go Wednesday.  My ideal would be 15-20 of massage+BBBJ, 50-60 of deep massage, and then 15-20 of massage+BBBJ; hopefully my 90 minutes could be split up so that I have an hour to recharge in the TV room to ensure that I can get it up well and then come a second time. Though viagra does help me a lot (I'm a mid-50s very obese guy.)

    If I'm REALLY lucky on the above ideal (or pay more maybe) I'll be able to feel out Honey all over to get me hard and then while the BBBJ lady does her work. But any decent looking woman will probably get me up.

    One thing I did not have time to take advantage of is their sauna. You can go there for an hour if you want, it does not count against your 90 minutes of FS.

    I'll report back on what I learn Wednesday. I think there is a good chance they will get a higher ranking from me, but we'll see. Also, I had a more detailed review, but this site though I had >2000 words while MS Word counts it at ~700. :-{
    Went to Kobe Sauna on Saturday afternoon it was quiet but the lady hostess was very friendly I told her I wanted a small spinner. Cost was sauan only 500 hk, massage with girl naked but no sex 1, 300 hk and full service 1, 800hkd. I chose the full service. The place is not as big as noble sauna but was newer and cleaner. After showering I was let to the lounge like at Noble offered me a drink then in about 10 minutes was led to the room. Well to my pleasure the girl that I got was a absolute knockout #35 a perfect spinner, in all my years where you don't get a choice to choose this one was amazing! A little body to die for. English was very limited but who cares. Service was fantastic. Starts off with your basic massage for about 45 minutes, then she comes and sits behind me and slides under me by putting my legs over her legs, with my butt up in the air, she starts rimming me and then for about 15 minutes gave me the most amazing ball massage ever, had to try not to come. She flips me back over on my back gives me a bbj and then like at noble rides me for all she is worth. We both got into it. She asked if I would go down on her but as much as I wanted had to decline. Although the cost was more I would pay the difference. I had to leave the next morning to macau and she worked til the morning but asked if she can come up to the room and she said that would be possible. So next trip I will call ahead and see if she is available. Guys the extra 500 HK in my opinion was well worth it
    Kobe Sauna in Regal Kowloon: Very good (and expensive) Went twice to the sauna on level B3 in the Regal Kowloon hotel (Kobe Sauna) and had very good experiences each visit. I should add: I am not used to HK saunas, this was my first visit to HK and so have no basis for comparison with similar establishments. The place looks very upscale, like a nice spa; the two girls I had sessions with were both good looking (7-8/10) and provided excellent service (BBBJ and as much sex as you want for 90 min); for someone not used to this setup, the experience was interesting. I was greeted by a hostess who suggested I take ‘full service 90 min’. Price was 1770hk dollars. She led me into the changing room – which was strange, by my standards. Two men helped me undress. Took my jeans, my socks, my underwear, and shirt and hang it all neatly in a closet for me. I ended up in a robe and was show into a shower. After shower, they dried my feet, gave me new dry slippers and put some black silk boxers on me (one man literally put them on me!). I was then showed into a waiting room with comfortable chairs, where a host came to me with a laptop computer. Both times I was given a choice of 6 girls – the pictures on the computer were heavily photoshopped, but basically accurate in both cases. The man showing me the pictures told me a bit about each of the 6 girls – their main assets, skill level, service level, and in both cases I went with his recommendations. The first girl I chose, (just remember her number, 101), was a Chinese girl who had only worked for a few weeks, very pretty with nice breasts. The second was a Thai girl, May, who was gorgeous, tall, and extremely skilled. From the waiting room, into the massage room – those rooms were okay, but small and nothing special. In each case, the girl asked if I wanted massage first. I said ‘no, first sex, then massage.’ That was fine. Both gave bbbj, one of them did the hot – cold bbbj routine – I fucked both of them in many different positions around the room: on top, bent over the bench, standing along the wall – both performed very well. Lots of sound effects, faked orgasms, nice pussy squeezing of cock, one kept saying ‘I love you, I love you’ (I think she mean to say ‘I love it’). In both cases, I came after about 45 min. Wasn’t interested in anything more and so said I would leave. That made them very concerned and I had to promises to say to the manager that there wasn’t anything wrong with the service – otherwise they would be in trouble. When I came out, the manager immediately asked whether something was wrong and I had to resassure him. They are definitely trained to please for the full 90min.