Gold Coast Spa (Shenzhen)

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    Website: http://www.hjhaclub.com/index.php?Locale=en-us
    Phone: 0755-8237-6288
    Address: No.2027,Jiabao East Road
    Also Known As: Gold coast sauna
    DBA in local language: 黃金海岸水療會所
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    About Me:
    Close to Kaili Hotel Shenzhen, gold coast spa is a collection of entertainment, leisure and business and it is a high-grade club which has the amorous feelings of South American. It is located in the Shenzhen Luohu District. The transportation is convenient, this club is decorated in Miami Beach scenery culture, a variety of tropical greenery everywhere eyeball, the murmuring sound of water plays nature's most beautiful movement, fang Buddha in fields between feelings of isolation of float world quiet. All kinds of rural style oil painting decoration bring a person the sense of happiness. Gentle soothing music male people feel relaxed; 5 star super luxury decoration all show elegant and free from vulgarity temperament of dust!

    Editor's Note:

    this club do not allow the customers to stay over night!
    t's a clean and decent place but I have upped a gal from there in a hotel. Massage room doors are see through and the footie is done in the main hall. There are recreation things to do like table-tennis, snooker and has a mini-cinema. Food are charged and you can stay overnight there in the main hall. Not a cheap place, you should be looking at about RMB500-800 for massage, footie and ear digging. If you just use their facilities, there is a minimum charges of about RMB88.00 Please take note that my info is about 3 years ago. I guess the prices shouldn't vary much.
    The environment is neat and clean.When sitting in the lobby, you can see the waiter cleaning the seat and change the washcloth that the customer has uesd. The attitude of all the staff are very considerate and thoughtful. The masseurs are very professional and their techniques are pretty good. The supporting facilities are complete, including KTV,chess, Chinese and western food, Internet cafe, billiards, sleep positions, pool, free parking... Visit and take a look at their multi-function room, it is very beautiful and the fee is very cheap.It only takes 500 yuan to play in the multi-function room for a few hours. The charge is not very expensive.Compared to other sauna,it is cheap,but it need 10% service charge.Their reception is setted in Luohu Port, it has coupon sales, Chinese double clock 88 yuan, Chinese style + hall 128 yuan, a bargain, but must buy before approach to, there is also their company's shuttle.
    I have been to the spa fo rseveral times, the environment and the service are very good, but shenzhen spa has to give tips and this is how it works. I prefer to do traditional Chinese massage because they press in acupuncture points. After doing once, you will not have a backache for about 1 months. The charge is not low in Shenzhen, but you get what you pay. I generally satisfied with the services it provided.