SLF International Spa Club (Shenzhen)

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    Website: http://www.slfspa.com/main.html
    Phone: 8297-8888
    Address: 1-6/F Gangcheng Huating, Huanggang Border Crossing
    Also Known As: Water Cube /shui li fang
    DBA in local language: 水立方国际水疗会
    Open Hours: 24 Hours
    Category: Beauty Spa, Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    Located near the border of Lok Ma Chau and branded as Water Cube is brand new, now in excellent condition, and enegantly designed with an essential resembling a luxury hotel. When you come out of the train station, there is a street that runs parallel to the Lok Ma Chau station. You will make a right and walks towards the end of the street (less than 3 minutes). You will see the Watercube sign as well as very nice cars out front. Water Cube is a known veggie facility, which often during normal non-nightowl hours caters to many families, women and even child customers. So, for the uninitiated you first present yourself to the desk--and an ID is required if you plan to spend the night. They will assign you a numbered RFID'd wrist bracelet to identify you for your services and billing.  


    Even though English is spoken by a few person, the employees are obviously trained to be top class and they try their best to be kind and sell massages, which cost 48 RMB for 45 minutes of lounge-chair massage through 128-238 RMB for 90 minutes of full-body massage in the common styles, 10% service charge and tip separate. The VIP rooms have various prices, it will depends on what size you want the room to be, 2seat, 3seats and upto 8 seats. Instead of the VIP room, if you are after HJ from a lobby staff, you can select the seating area on the next floor, i've been to this place regular and been to the upper seating area a few times, virtually no one is there, and there are a few staff who looks after this place, just give them  about RMB 20 and ask for a massause for excellent service.

    Happy ending can be done by the thigh massage girls or minimum Shenzhen-Hong Kong Massage (398RMB).

    For the thigh massage girls, its 78 +50 for the private room then tip is anywhere from 200-400 depends on your negotiation skills.

    For the massage, its 398 + 200-400tips 

    You can purchase vouchers to use at Watercube as they are quite prevalent. Remember, the vouchers you buy are in HKD as opposed to RMB so that's an immediate 20% savings there. 


    The spa is distinct from the main street outside. Gym, fruit, full drink menu including iced lemon tea and coffee, gym, and video games complimentary, Internet, KTV and VIP room rental, cilliard, table tennis, and of course food all charged seperately. A new tastefully decorated spa called Water Cube with excellent service. You don't want to miss this experience.
    I have been trying to visit Watercube for sometime now, but crazy work schedule plus SO prevents me from taking blocks of time to enjoy myself. Finally, the opportunity came this morning. I had to go into Shenzhen for a morning meeting, and I cancelled an afternoon meeting to allow myself to be in SZ to go check our SLF. I got there a little after 12pm, and the entrance / lobby area seems to be rather quiet. Upon entry into their facility, you are given an RFID wristband, and you had to present your ID for registration. After the usual stripping in the changing room, I proceeded to the shower and then soaked in their rather huge bath. The water jets are weaker than I expected, but the place is clean and well equipped. Since I didn't have a whole lot of time, and I wanted to check out the chicks, I skipped all the sauna and steam baths, and headed straight to the lounge area. Upon arriving on the 3/F lounge area, there apparently are women trying to sell your massages. I thought they were just sales girls. Little did I realize they were the actual masseuses. Anyway, not knowing who they were, and went to get a LazyBoy lounge chair. There were 2 areas: a well lit area and a dim area. I remembered reading in this forum there are leg and thigh massages with plenty of cock tease, so I made sure I am seated in the dim/dark zone of the lounge. Sure enough within seconds there are sales people trying to sell me all kinds of packages. I explained I will be at the lounge area first, and will move to massages later. I got a foot and leg/thigh massage with a cute girl with really nice fingers and hands. She knew what she was doing, and I felt very comfortable. I was so comfortable when the sale manger came to sell me other stuff, such as head and shoulder massage and pedicure, I accepted! But that was the biggest mistake, as multiple girls were working on me, no one teased my cock! After the lounge services were done, I realized I haven't had lunch. I ordered a clay pot rice, which tasted really nice, but my available time is rapidly reduced! While waiting for my lunch, I noticed the guys left and right of me were getting cock teases, and I believe one were getting a HJ just 5 feet to my right. Now I don't have time for a 3 hour massage, which means I am not going to get any special services. What a costly lunch! Anyway, since I have come all this way, I figured I will get a 90 minute massage, just to check out the facilities even if no additional services come out of this. I sent to the computer screen and was setting my eyes on this girl. The interface doesn't have English but I pointed to the picture and said (in Cantonese) I want to have this girl give me a massage, and I picked out the Shenzhen/hk style. Little did I know the girl I was referring to in the pc is standing right next to the monitor. She is more appealing to me in person than in the photo so that works out for me. We then proceeded to our room. Her name is Siu Fung. She only started at SLF 3 months ago. She looks like she is in her early 20s. Well proportioned figure. 34B, 5' 2". Sweet smile. Large eyes. She was wearing long slim pants, so I cannot tell how her legs look like. I assume this is their uniform. Siu Fung is fluent in Cantonese. She has very smooth skin, and her touch is magical. After about 25-30 min of back rub, I seized a moment to flip, and enjoy the views. She was working my legs and into my groin area. With every stroke, she slides right next to my erected penis and sack! She is a good conversationist. After another 15 min of this cock/groin teasing, I started asking her about special services. She explains she doesn't do it, as that isn't allowed. She only just started this job, and is concerned. I told her I know it is offered by other girls in SLF. She agrees that indeed is true, but not her. I let it go, and just continued having a good conversation with her. Eventually my dick instinct is taking over my gentleman manners. As she was working around my hard dick, I got hold of her arm and guided her hand to my hard dick. She asked if it is ok to turn off the lights and turn on the TV. She said mgt would not allow lights out. Also they have added a large vertical glass panel to every door. She gives a wonderful HJ , with the right amount of oil. After about 15-20 min of a very pleasurable HJ I blew my load. She didn't quote me a price either before or after. I tipped her RMB 200, and we exchanged wechat. Service: 4/5 (I would say 5 if she wasn't so concerned about being get caught). Body: 3/5 (not smoking hot, but very attractive. Face: 4.5/5 Attitude: 4/5 Repeat: yes indeed Damage: since I threw in so much other crap, I didn't bother breaking down the details. I was set back about HKD 900. This includes lunch, 3 lounge services, and 90 minutes of massage, and the rmb 200 tip.
    My girl came after 10 minutes and started giving me a massage. Even though it was quite packed and there were a few people within talking distance of me, the massage girl had no trouble teasing me. In fact, everytime she rubbed my leg, she would grab a handful of dick and balls before coming back down. Now she kept asking me if I had been there before, which I had, but I guess I didn't clarify that I've never been jerked off there before. She had asked me if I wanted to go to the VIP room which I agreed to. 
    My first choice #096 is a looker, but before I can get the Booking Manager to lock it in, she's reserved by a customer by phone! Damn! So, I choose another one who turns out to go by the name "May". She's a young and quite spunky (high-energy), with Face 5.5/10, Body: 8.5/10, with a tiny bit of English. Her massage is pretty damn good, and its another nice 90 minutes of hands-on...and again I'm offered another HE. This time, I politely decline since two pops (once at KTV, once at Leg Massage) in one night is enough. She seems disappointed, but insists on trading Weixin contacts for next time.
    Last friday, after work, I been to water cube for a relax massage. The whole process is quite normal, foot massage plus VAS, then body massage...............................really not worth to tell here, as most of you have experience this before.

    But after that, I back to the relaxing lobby, watching TV, and suddenly my wechat alert me, a stranger send me hello, then I check the profile, and she was a girl wor, and the picture seems good (although clearly have PS effect), then ask her whether is the customer of water cube (as i dont think she is one of water cube JS).

    The expected answer appear...............................she is the foot massage JS of the opposite massage place...........and she ask me to visit her for massage wor, she told me she was so boring there since the business is not good, and she use this method to see if this can improve her business performance wor......................have any of you experience this before?

    P.S. dated her this friday and I will try to be a white mouse to see if the picture is correct or not..............
    Wow. Must say I am quite disappointed with water cube

    Went there last night-
    Place wasn't as nice as I imagined..
    Captain keep pushing me the rmb508 2 hrs massage package saying the girls are better
    I insisted on the HK/Shenzhen massage as advised and he unhappily said- up to you than
    Picked a girl from computer
    Led to room with 200 rmb in my phone
    Girl turned up. Ok so face looks close to pic, but figure solo, and was disappointed hat she is so dressed up. Boring tight pants and some Malaysian blouse- zero sex appeal dressing
    Massage was so so only with occasional brushing of my private parts
    Them when time almost up as if I wanted to add hours
    As advised, I said no but have 200 for her if she can help me release. She said min 400
    I said that's too much and started negotiating and say pay her 200 and tip 200 at counter. I said no and I will skip
    She continue to massage and started rubbing my shaft and negotiated again. 200 cash 100 counter tips. I hate negotiating in situations like this- turns me off but I thought what the hack so I said ok
    HE was so so. Finished off and left

    At the end of it, did not feel great about the whole experience. Massage So so, girl so so, dressing boring, service so so aans money negotiation is a complete turn off.

    Won't return to water cube

    I got 3 more nights here. Bros any recommendations?

    I am looking for good real ing massage with nice chick and HE.. Or if bros can recommend tried and tested good outcall massage that provides good service. No need full service for me. Nice body massage and HE and chick is all I'm looking for here . Seems to be not easy.....
    Let me give you some advice at water cube, the massage service shenzhen hong kong massage is RMB 298, and not 398 as stated in the earlier post. For in room massage with HJ, click on the search bar for watercube, there are a few post with all the info you need, and tips on how to get the service cheaper with coupons and how win a HJ . For HJ or FS with thigh massage with lobby masseuse, these are a few ways. book a vip room with thigh massage and hope the best, there is half and half chance that the masseuse will provide the service. goto the 2nd floor resting area, it's a very quiet area and less people, and hope the best, or you can tip a male staff and ask for a really experience masseuse. Goto the first floor resting area, somewhere near the middle or front, somewhere you can get a good view around, observe the surroundings and if you see thigh masseuse lay a towel over the customer LB, there is something going on there. with most case the masseuse will ask you for a vip room, this will be you happy day, you know what you will get, but beware, service from thigh masseuse will cost alot more for special than a in room massge, it's upto you to bargain with them.
    If you are in Futain area, just go to Water Cube which is right at the boarder of Lok Ma Chau. Happy ending can be done by the thigh massage girls or minimum Shenzhen-Hong Kong Massage (398RMB). For the thigh massage girls, its 78 +50 for the private room then tip is anywhere from 200-400 depends on your negotiation skills. For the massage, its 398 + 200-400tips Bring cash in a case behind your phone because they have a restriction on the maximum tip you can give each girl so what they do is charge you for double time and they can get more tips. But if you bring cash, it will end up being cheaper overall.
    Water cube, i have managed to bonk 2 girls in the room before.. Those 采耳 girls.. damn horny girls there.. but the trick is to book a small vip room, cos the door doesn't have windows, and you can actually lock the room... But you have to book the girls for a few hours though..
    Watercube Shenzhen Lok Ma Chau Date: May 24, 2013 Time: 5:30- Overnight Location: Watercube Shenzhen Lok Ma Chau Name: Ling Ling Body: 4.5/5 Face: 5/5 Age: Mid 20's Service: ....truthfully not that great 3.5/5 just the HJ tho massage was decent Attitude: 4/5 Retry: No unless its full service Price: 198 RMB Massage and 200 extra for HJ Damage done: $398 + $100 RMB tips $498 RMB......lol 632 HKD wow...just converted and realized it costed me quite a bit So did a bit of shopping at Lo Wu commercial centre haha best place to go for fake goods well for a foreigner anyways and was with a friend and she is quite into that stuff so we looked around since 10 am and decided to head our way to Water Cube afterwards. PS for all other bros check out this website called groupon or beecrazy where they have coupons of spas and stuff in Shenzhen for pretty cheap. I got two coupons for 198 RMB each and it provides you with accomdations. (Unless you go on a weekend where you have to buy two coupons per person in order to get a "private room" to sleep in. Anyways took this sketchy bus service where you had to go down the elevator and travel with another group. ANyways......once you go into watercube you will be amazed. There are lights everywhere and heading in towards the door, there was like a billion people welcoming you......you basically feel like a king. anyways for foreigners.....GOOD LUCK LOL cause people there barely speak English and can only understand Cantonese or mandarin, so be prepared. my friend was Korean so it would have been impossible if she was alone LOL but once you go in you get changed. Quite a unique experience as their were people who were holding your clothes and giving you the proper locker number and key. Every other massage place I went to was not as fancy so meh good experience. but anyways we went in and you could then take a shower or a dip into their HUGE pool which was pretty cool to be honest. I did wish the mens bathroom had shower curtains as my friend told me the womens did .....just not the mens but I couldn't care less the experience was amazing. After the shower we were able to choose which massage we wanted and many employees would greet you up the stairs as well which was pretty cool. there you can either relax first or go do the massage first. I opted for massage first. the really pretty girl that greeted me as I was walking up the stairs was the one doing the massage for me ) I was really happy about it because she was by far the prettiest girl I ever had such experiences with. I opted for the oil massage for 45 minutes which was pretty relaxing and was given a whole body rub and so was my friend. I was then lead to a different part of the place where she dimmed the lights and started the massage. The Massage was definitely on a whole other level than the WG in hong Kong gives you which is a very basic massage tho I guess when you go to those places,,,,u kind of expect the massages they give you to not be the best. After I finished the massage she whispered in my ear if I wanted to extend my time with her. I said no from reading forums I knew a bit better and asked if she can still give me a happy ending and showed I will be giving her two hundreds. She told me how come I knew what to do....kind of felt embrassed I used these forums LOL but I guess oh wells but I told her and she said I see. she then went to work on my lb but to be truthful it was not that great and especially since theres like this small window crack on the door so I was always scared someone will just randomly walk by and ask what we are doing and get caught but regardless it got the job done paid her the 200 and she said she was going to leave for vacation for a couple of months and explore the world and I told her that's great. we chatted a bit before I left but she offered me tea I gladly accepted and we talked a bit more and then left. After the massage me and my friend went back the lounge area where we chilled and spent the night sleeping on the sofas. Fruits and ice cream was free here so I got myself plenty of helpings tho food you had to pay but otherwise spent the night and went back to Hong Kong straight after. Prettty good experience tho im not too sure if the expenses were worth it but oh wellz ) like people say you only live once )
    Watercube SLF Lok Ma Chau Report Girl - (dont know number) but she told me her name was Ally Massage Skills - 8/10 HJ Skill - 10/10 Not sure if any of the above is the correct format but straight to the point. Got in, checked in, showered, used the dry sauna for a bit, then headed to the pool, needed to relax after a long long few weeks of work and so forth. Hours are killing me and really not in the mood to get played aroud in the HK scene (although I am going to write a report about something else later). Went up, got approached by a ton of sales dudes and I said nah, I just want to sit, relax and get a good thigh/foot massage as my feet have been hurtin bad. Girl comes through, does the usual clean up, writes a note on the bill and proceeds to do a good thigh massage before getting to the feet. Forgot how long this took but she then asked if I wanted to go to a private room to chat a bit. Chat? sure, i mean why not right...lol Went into a room, then continued the massage of the thighs and she starts reaching in and cups my sack with both hands and starts to stroke, amazing feeling, I swear its been a while. Whispers in my ear if I wanted the you know what. She proceeds to say 800...lol i said nah, too expensive, if you want me to pay 800, you are gonna have to give me more than a HJ and being dressed. her response? You pay for the room and the thigh/foot massage, and i fuck you right here right now, 2 shots max for 800 and BBBJ. Game. 60 mins passed, 2 shots passed, cowgirl, doggy, BBBJ, DFK and the lot (not allowed to touch down there, all with caps except for the BJ) and my dude down there was sore as Lebron after getting whipped by the pacers. sure i probably overpaid, but I could have cared less...i got more than I expected. Total Damage- 800 + 120 (bill i paid at the counter) 920. oh was she cute? yes very very cute...worked there 14 months, although down there did not feel too loose and got her number.
    Shenzhen - Watercube SLF SPA 4-22-2013 Found a coupon deal on Beecrazy, and came here on the forums to do some research on SLF Watercube. So I went off to relax in the spa for a night, steps away from the Futian Border Crossing. Went to get a leg massage and this really really hot stunning girl (#12xx) from Sichuan came around. She is so hot I couldn't refuse her request for an extension so I took her to the backroom after a session of cock teasing. Then in the VIP room she asked for $400 kuai for a HJ, I declined because I wanted to use the coupon for the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Massage" for the main event that evening. So then I selected the Shenzhen-Hong Kong massage where they give you a nice regular oil massage, then finish you off happily afterwards. I picked #6xx from the computer and off to the room. Unfortunately I think Watercube is the master of photoshopping because the girl looks absolutely nothing like the picture on the computer. However my hottie for the night was still a very nice 88/100 in my books with typical facial surgery, boob job, and a killer body. The massage was the best massage I've ever gotten with lots of rubbing between the legs for some great teasing. However due to the window outside, it was a little uncomfortable trying to not get caught by people walking by. She eventually asked for $300 kuai for a HE + extra hour which I agreed to. For the next two hours, she spent time wanking me. However there was speed bumps along the way as several times she yanked my foreskin too hard and made me scream in agonizing pain, and killed my boner. I also couldn't make any noise during the session to not draw attention. After two hours of serious wanking I was 1% away from getting the biggest organism of my life and then she tells me "TIMES UP, my arm is sore" & "You should find a yourself girlfriend who can wank you day and night; also other guys usually take no more than 5 minutes to finish, I think you have a problem". So I tipped her $150 for her hard work even though she insisted on $300 despite being unable to finish me off. I will probably go visit her again after my foreskin heals in a few days.
    The place is located in the road in front of the Futian Port. Right before arriving to the Water Cube Spa. In the ground floor they have the lobby and in the first floor they have all the massage rooms and foot massage. The massage that includes HE is the Japanese style massage (日式) and costs around RMB110 (We payed in HKD so I don't remember the exact amount). They also offer an Chinese style massage without HE that is a bit cheaper RMB98 (中式). After the shower they take you to a different room depending on the type of massage that you have selected. I went with a friend who could not speak Chinese, so in order to tease him I asked in Chinese to the waiter to bring the youngest and prettiest to my room. I don't know if the waiter made in on purpose or he made a mistake, but he sent the young to my friend and the older to me. I guess it was my karma My girl: age: around 35. face: 2/5 body:3/5 skills: 5/5 My friend's girl age: around 23. face: 4/5 body: 4/5 skills (according to him): 3/5 The oil massage itself was quite good, the lady knew what she was doing. In certain moments she played with my balls to make sure that my gg kept erected all the time. It was a strange combination of normal and erotic massage. When the time was almost finished she asked me if I wanted HE. Obviously I wanted. We agreed an extra RMB100 for the service. She sat with her back towards the door so that nobody could see through the windows what was happening and started to rub. She said that I could touch her for an extra RMB30. Her body was not great, but I was excited, so I accepted. After a few minutes I couldn't stand it anymore and finished . It was overall a very pleasant experience. I would repeat it (although next time with my friend's girl ) :P He was also happy. Total damage: 110+130 tip
    Shenzhen Watercube SLF After reading reports that HJ was available in SLF, went yesterday to try my luck. So arrived at Lok Ma Chau station, exited the main front entrance and turned right down the main road. SLF is about 5 mins walk from the station and you can see it at the end of the street. So for any brothers going first time, if you walk more than 5 mins then you've gone the wrong way! Did the usual undress, sauna, jacuzzi thing... then into the main rest area. First thing I noticed was the constant sell by some very hot girls in short skirts for the SPA services. I don't recommend this as its a different team who do this so a HJ is less likely. Decided to go for a thigh leg massage to warm things up and asked the manager to chose me a girl. (you can choose from a screen on the computer if you want also). Name:1**2 (PM me for number) Body:8/10 Face:7/10 Service:9/10 Girl arrives, puts towel over me and almost immediately starts rubbing my balls and light strokes of my cock. I was surprised as usually its just a mild tease and odd touch but this was straight to the point! She asks me if I would be interested in a VIP room where we could have more privacy. So of course I said yes, and followed her upstairs to one of the private TV rooms. There she started to massage my cock and gave me an excellent HJ. I was allowed to play with her boobs (B cup and very pert) and rub her pussy, but was told to be discrete. Everytime someone walked by outside she stopped. After a while She asked me if I wanted to cum but I wanted to save this for the main course later. She seemed disappointed but I tipped her $200 and signed and extra hour for her time. As I spent almost 2 hours in pure pleasure bringing me to the edge many times! Excellent. Price ($78 room+extra hour+$200 tip) Back down for a rest and a drink, then time for main course... Name:6** (PM me for number) Body:9/10 (C Cup) Face:9/10 Service:8/10 (Bit quick) Went up to computer and chose a really hot gal from the screen. She was totally MCOT! Only 21 and nice way about her. She comes into room and once again immediately starts rubbing my bum hole and balls. Didn't know this place was so to the point. Her massage skills were so so, only a light rub but concentrating on my balls and cock from behind. Well not to worry, flips me over and starts asking me if I want a HJ. Price was an extra 2 hours and $300 tip. I could have negociated but she already got me so worked up I wasn't going to say know and she knew it. HJ was excellent if a bit quick, kept telling her to slow down and let me enjoy it a bit longer. She was good though, and I got her fantastic pair of C cup boobs out to play with. Even licked and sucked on them which she seemed to enjoy. Started rubbing her pussy but then noticed the padding. (time of month) Total cost: (2 hours $298 + 2 hours $298 + $300 tip) ouch! Key is to ask for the Shenzhen/HK massage at $298 and you will be serviced. Next time she said bring $200 in cash and she wouldn't have to add hours. So will do that next time. I was very surprised at how to the point HJ was availible here compared to the other big SPA's in SZ. Been to Queens and Zenses and its much more discrete. Or they just tease you for ages. Or maybe I was just very lucky? However was not cheap. Happy hunting...