Miqi (Singapore)

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    Age: 23
    Nationality: Singapore
    Availability: Incall
    Language Spoken: Chinese
    Weight: 41kg ~ 45kg
    Height: 151cm ~ 160cm
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Style: Long
    Massage Service: Oil Massage, Traditional Chinese massage, Others
    About Me:
    Hello everyone, my name is Miqi. I am an elegant, classic, warm, pretty and lovely girl. I have silky skin, soft long hair and sexy body. I am polite and good mannered. I provide various services. I am happy to be your companion in this moment. Let me spend a wonderful time offering you a fantastic GFE services which could only done by an Asian woman. I am good at Tui Na, Circulation, and Odorless Body Oil Massage. I provide massage service 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. My specialty is a service package including breast massage, Jua Gen, HDLY, HJ, and BBBJ, total 2 shots.
    Have not visited Miqi for sometime due to work. Was free last weekend and managed to have a 90 minutes session. She is still as good as before - hardworking and chatty. Totally enjoyed my session. Lots of improvement in the sensual pa
    After reading the FRs from bro lovelove, i decided to give her a try. So here's my FR.

    Miqi definately looks better in person compared to the photos here and to top it off, she's real playful in charecter. Petite in body size and smooth complexion.
    The massage was great not the piano type. Hit all the right spots i had sore for ages. Then after the cure for bodyaches is over, comes the cure for emotional aches. I really have to say, her tease is not for the weak. I had a hard time trying hard not to deploy my army just by getting teased by her. She allows autoroaming but make sure u go gentle on her, she deserves that! I didn't unload this session to see if she gets angry for getting tired and to my surprise, her attitude is still positive and she even asked what was wrong. I've tried many China ladies but this lady here is by far the best in attitude and service.

    Looks: 8/10
    GFE   : 10/10
    RTM  : Already booked for a 1.5 hr session for the next day

    My favourite massauer is back ! Have 2 seesions with her last week and she is still as hardworking as before. The sensual part is very enjoying and i totally had lits of fun.
    Visited my favourite massage girl yesterday. Her service still as good as before, friendly, chatty
    Visited yesterday after her return. She is as good as ever! I was greeted with the sight of a syt in a little tight black dress that shows off her boobs and her figure. So sexy! Massage is still so good. Her catbath is wonderful and one of the best! Had a nice chat with her after the session and enjoyed a cup of chinese tea brewed by her. Make another appointment this weekend as she is her for a short stay this time.
    Visited her again last Sunday night. I am in loved with her! Did not massage this time just lay on the bed with each others arms around the neck like lovers. chat for the whole session. The feeling is so romantic and the red lighting gives just the right atmosphere. Will visit her again this weekend.
    Just visited her today. This was my 5th visits for the past one month! She looks better than the picture and is super hot in her nightie. Massage is strong and not rush. The happy ending is worth the money. I think I am in love with her already! Planning my next visit this weekend.
    I usually tried a masseuse once. Miqi is one only that i have been visiting these past 6 months. She has good looks and nice smooth skin. Each session is better than the previous session. She likes to look straight into your eyes and comes very close to your face just like your girlfriend would. The feeling that she gives you makes you want to return again for another session as soon as possible.
    Met her just now
    Had lots of chat
    she look cuter and prettier then the photo in real life
    Gfe 400%
    Hj 20/10
    Bj 9.5/10
    Massage 9.5/10
    Really love her alot. will be back to see her again
    Visit this gem on 20th feb morning since i have free time. she just finish bathing when i reach the place. Saw her without any makeup. Somehow i feel that without makeup, she also got the look. Chat with her awhile to break the ice. Without having any breakfast and she start to serve me. Abit 内疚。
    she provide excellent massage and the feeling is very good! especially when she look passionately into my eyes, almost flip her over and want to service her.

    GFE - 100%
    catbath - 100%
    BJ - 90% ( after awhile, she cannot take it as mine is too huge for her tiny mouth)
    kissing - N/A
    overall a top notch service!
    Will RTM soon!

    大王. Miqi 我可没骗你。不知道你还记得我吗?
    Miqi gives a great massage! and she has a fantastic attitude.
    take good care of her, bros.

    btw, she wants me to leave a message on her behalf:
    SORRY, she does not speak English, and so she can only serve Chinese-speaking bros.. apologies..

    祖儿,我帮你写了哦。 :)
    Very gentle and gt gfe feel..
    James A
    I have never tried any masseuse and she was my first. We have an amazing meeting last Sunday night. I was late and I apologized to her. Her massage and service attitude are great. Her beauty reminded me of an old movie star. I was not looking for the GFE feel but more of a friend to talk to and she delivered. She passionately cat-bathed me and I really enjoy the night. I hope I can return for her again soon.
    I have booked her for several times. Every time she surprises me with new skills and she is forever so friendly. She always makes me happy and releases my stress. I shared my working problems with her. She is a good listener, just like a girlfriend. Planning my sessions with her again!
    This was my second time with her. Her massage is great, very powerful and relaxing. After a soothing beginning, her massage became sensually massage with using her smooth and soft body. The feeling is very good. Her service and attitude are great. I almost fall in love with her. Worth every penny!
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