Shanti (Singapore)

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    Age: 38
    Nationality: India
    Availability: Outcall
    Language Spoken: English
    Weight: 40kg or below
    Height: 161cm ~ 170cm
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Hair Color: Black
    About Me:
    Hi, I am Shanti, a local indian woman in late 30s with several yrs experience in giving a good Swedish massage for men age above 27 and tantric style lingam massage. I use good massage oils such as lemongrass, young coconut oils or geranium oils. Oils are used to calm your senses. I do not provide dry massage. Lingam massage for your genitals done tantric style. Couple massage is also welcomed. You may also request for 4 hands msg done by 2 indian local ladies.
    I have been using the services of Shanti over the past couple of years whenever I am visiting Singapore. She offers the most amazing lingam and prostrate massages …. Certainly the best I have ever received.

    I am not going to tell you about the actual service …. Finding out for your self is all part of the fun …. Just lie back and enjoy the pleasure! All I will say is that Shanti is the only masseuse that I have ever gone back to for a second time (and third, fourth, fifth… etc).

    The first time I called Shanti I was quite unsure what to expect, as is often the risk when engaging someone for the first time …. But I was quickly impressed with her and her skills, and extended the time of my session. For my initial meeting with Shanti, I was pleased with what I saw – I generally find Indian ladies very attractive – and I wasn’t disappointed. She was dressed in a rather understated and ‘normal’ manner, and did not attract any unnecessary attention at the hotel.

    Once inside the room, it was clear that Shanti is more than just a pretty face. She has an absolute killer body! She has incredible large breasts which is great for boob lover like me. Her tits are big and firm and truly a spectacular sight. However, the rest of her body shape and size is very ‘regular’ sized (she is not fat) and makes her tits even more outstanding.

    I have always found Shanti to be very professional, polite and accommodating. She has a great (dry) sense of humour, and the more I get to know her, the more I love to chat with her. Contrary to other reports, I have always found Shanti to be an excellent communicator, and always replies to messages quite quickly (depending on other appointments, etc) .... Go for it!
    It seems that Shanti only caters to her "regulars". I tried messaging her several times for an appointment only to be bombarded with questions about my background and more. Despite the fact that I was willing to meet her at the desired location, she would either ignore my messages or simply demand for more money. As a consumer, it feels ridiculous that I have to cater to so many demands from a masseuse. To those seeking massage and more, I strongly suggest that you seek elsewhere unless you have plenty of time to negotiate for just an appointment.
    I've had Shanti several times over the course of a few years. She seemed pretty distant the first time but that improved the next few times. The last one ended with me rushing to have a shower when the concierge called to let me know she'd arrived. After letting herself in, I convinced her to undress and join me in the shower. She soaped me as I suckled on her nipples (her breasts are my favourite part of her anatomy!). Once we were done, I dried her off and we proceeded to bed. Her body massage is soothing but her Linggam is where the magic's at. She warmed up a lot since then first time and I do make it a point to get in touch with her even if I'm unable to have a session with her.
    I have been engaging services from Shanti for the last 8 years. She is by far the best I have ever experienced, Truly Professional and passionate about what she does. Her massage skills are excellent and her Lingam is best in class. Apart from here DD cup which I have yet to see on anyone else. I have tried a lot of masseuse and mind you I have high expectations but none made the cut. No prize for guessing why I have been engaging Shanti's services for 8 years. A must try...
    hi iam in oman how cont
    She got amazing tits, but she didn't allow me to play a lot. She serevd me with a normal massage to relax which last about 35 mins. Then she moved to lingam massage, she kept is slowly and tenderly, and making me hard for a whole, whem i was close, she let me touch her and she srocked me till i cum. I had to say she was really good at stroking me, as I paid her in advance, she just left which was a little disappointing. 
    Booked her for an outcall massage. Arrived in Singapore and called her. Initially, she mentioned she had to be somewhere else, so would send her friend. I said no. So she came over. We discussed the service she will offer. Even on the phone it was clear that it was massage and a little more. Didn't expect a lot.

    She arrived on hotel in the lobby. She looked professional and decent. Definitely didn't feel uncomfortable meeting here there. She rendered the services as discussed, albeit a little mechanically. She wasn't the most passionate. She could easily dressed up. However, later realized that it was part of the plan. She is a tantric masseuse, and doesn't want to create a the wrong impression.

    Might consider calling her back. For the money paid, the massage was worth it. The sensual part could be better. She wasn't that passionate. That said, she didn't create a lot of expectations either..

    Her had fabulous tits. Far from droppy. Loved looking at them and playing with them. Even though, she didn't let me do that a lot.

    Only towards the end, she became topless and let me play with her tits. She started with a normal massage. Took her pants off, but kept her shirt. She did the massage for a good 35 mins. Then came to the lingam massage part. She kept me going for a while with the lingam massage. She was slow and methodical. Never felt rushed. After arousing me enough, she came closer and let me touch her. After that it was a matter of time before I came....

    She could be lot more passionate or sensual. But that is not the service she wants to offer...

    She didn't ask for ip. Paid her in advance. Once done she dressed up. Kind of left me there without clean up, which was disappointing. Then she said bye and was gone. No attempt to be friendly. Infact that was her throughout the session..

    Might call her..and next time she might offer more..but it is surely worth it for SGD 80...
    I've seen Shanti twice before on my last few visits to Singapore. I called her made the appointment and she came to my hotel on time (in the morning).

    She's an older (40+) Indian woman with big boobs and small ass. She met me at in the lobby and came up to the room. I'd booked a Lingham massage she prepared the bed with towels etc. (no portable massage table unfortunately) Once we started, she took off some of her clothes ( she left her bra and panties on) and started the massage. 

    She started with a good overall massage. She has very strong hands and had an good overall rhythm. She went deep and managed to work out most of the kinks of a long flight. 

    She asked if I wanted a prostate massage and I agreed. She pushed some pillows under my legs to raise my ass in the air. She started rubbing and stroking my ass and penis and inserted a covered finger into my slippery ass. she was very gentle and massage my prostate and stroked my penis in a slow methodical manner. She's gentle and doesn't rush; I laid on the bed with my face down just enjoying the feeling.

    After she finished the prostate massage she asked me to flip over. I asked her to remove the rest of her clothes and she did, but a little reluctantly. She has huge boobs with dark nipples and as she stroked me I was able to touch and play with them. Again she did a slow methodical stroke and I suggested I would like to masturbate her. She thought about it for a few minutes then remove her panties and took my place on the bed. I was able to play with her pussy and suck on her nipples as her and I together stroked her pussy until she came.

    To finish me, she covered me and gave me a good blow job while I played with her boobs again until I came. Overall, she's not the most passionate of providers, but the quality of the massage was very high!